Sandflo™ fluidised-bed separator uses sand motion to separate materials by their density. Manufactured by Blaker Specialist Welding Repairs Ltd.

Blaker moves into the recycling industry with the launch of two new products: Sandflo™ and Magthro™

Due to the ever increasing demand for environmentally-friendly and cleaner waste management, both products greatly improve the speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness of dry material separation based on their density and composition.

Blaker Specialist Welding Repairs, based near Horsham, West Sussex, now manufactures waste reduction products for the recycling industry.

Following their acquisition of Rutherford Metal Recovery on the 1st October 2018, Blaker has the sole intellectual and property rights to Sandflo™ and Magthro™, both recognised as high quality products in the recycling industry.

The Sandflo™ is an innovative recycling tool used for efficient low-cost separation and recovery of secondary metals, minerals and some plastics. Using specialist metalwork knowledge built up over generations, Blaker has improved and enhanced the equipments’ design, build and assembly with the launch of a newly manufactured version which has been rigorously industry tested at a busy metal recycling site.

“The simplicity of the Sandflo™ design is what makes it so scalable, user-friendly and easy to service.” says Robin Plater, Blaker’s Commercial Manager, “It’s already being used worldwide with customers as far afield as Japan and North America.” The Sandflo™ uses fluid sand motion to segregate a wide variety of materials by their density. The heaviest sink to the bottom, while lighter materials, such as aluminium remain near the surface.

An environmentally-friendly recovery solution

Sandflo™ is a dry process and does not produce contaminated liquid effluent. Because the unique type of sand can be constantly cleaned, there are no problems associated with disposal, making this a more environmentally-sound option than some other solutions.

In addition to the Sandflo™, Blaker fabricates the Magthro™, a product that separates valuable non-ferrous metal from waste using magnets. To assure maximum performance and reliability, Blaker uses high quality components, such as motors and bearings. Rare earth magnets  are sourced for their exceptional performance.

Both the Sandflo™ and Magthro™ help organisations save manpower and costs by automating a time-consuming sorting process.

Blaker offers support and maintenance for all existing equipment supplied by Rutherford Metal Recovery. This service extends to components, including shakers, drum magnet conveyors and eddy currents – with or without a framework, and new eddy current rotors. Engineers have already travelled to mainland Europe to service existing products.

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