Advanced recovery of non-ferrous metals from dry recyclables

Magthro™ eddy current separator system


The Magthro is a robust recycling solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of the metal and waste recycling industries.

Magthro’s continuous magnetic flow reliably and efficiently separates non-ferrous metals from mixed materials, resulting in higher profit margins and significantly reduced levels of valuable material ending up in landfill.

The Magthro is manufactured at our UK premises in West Sussex using high quality materials and components for ultimate performance and durability. We have designed and developed the Magthro to operate in challenging industrial environments. Our research and development is robustly conducted in a busy professional metal processing plant.



Accurate and reliable metal separation

  • High recovery performance
  • A dry process – doesn’t create any by-products for disposal
  • Significantly reduces the requirement for hand sorting, allowing staff to be redeployed where they’re most needed
  • Designed and tested to work in heavy industrial environments
  • Handmade at our UK premises in West Sussex
  • Average lead time – between three to four weeks



The Magthro™ solution

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