Efficient, low cost separation of secondary metals and minerals

Sandflo™ fluidised-bed separator


The sorting of non-ferrous metals from mixed scrap residues warrants a careful selection and costing of technology.

The replacement of hand sorting by automatic equipment can be difficult to justify economically for such varying and mixed feed materials. Expensive systems using, for example, x-ray fluorescence, have not been taken up generally by the industry.

The use of wet separators also presents challenges, creating effluents that are becoming more difficult and costly to treat. Sandflo™ is a simple cost effective solution to these metal recovery issues.

The Sandflo™ fluidised-bed separator provides efficient low-cost dry separation of secondary metals and minerals according to their density. Sandflo™ is ideal for the recovery of high value aluminium and zinc/copper/brass fractions from mixed non-ferrous metals in processing plants.

  • Cost effective high recovery performance
  • An environmentally friendly dry process with no contaminated effluent to treat
  • A proven commercial solution for upgrading non ferrous fragmented scrap
  • Continually cleaned sand eliminates disposal problems

The Sandflo™ solution

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