Vintage Chassis Repair - 1896 Peugeot Type 9 Car


The Peugeot Type 9 was built by Pahard et Levassor under licence from Daimler and sold to Peugeot. It was first introduced in 1892 and advertised as the brand’s first closed-top family car.

Its 2 cylinder ‘V’ engine (3.75 hp) is situated at the rear of the vehicle and runs on petrol. It has an open gearbox (no casing) with four speeds and reverse. Ignition is by hot tube. This is an ignitor that fits onto the cylinder head and ignites a mix of compressed fuel/air using a flame which heats part of the tube red hot. Chain driven to the rear wheels, it reaches a top speed of 12-15 mph.

What’s unusual about this vehicle is its tubular chassis. The engine cooling water circulates by pump through the frame.

Our challenge was to straighten and repair rotten pieces of the chassis frame with new sections of tube. It was imperative that once we’d replaced the tube it had to be put back into its original position. No pressure!


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