Do you weld cars at Blaker?
No, but we do specialise in repairs to vintage vehicles.

Do you skim cylinder heads at Blaker?
Yes, that is a service we provide.

Is Blaker open to the public on Saturdays?
No, we are open Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.

What is Blaker’s hourly rate?
This depends on the service being offered and materials involved. To contact a member of our team email:

What area does your mobile welding team cover?
Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. We provide a limited service within the M25. Get in touch and we’ll do our best for you. Email for further information.

Do you offer copper welding at Blaker?
We specialise in many types of welding including Arc, Mig, Tig, brazing, silver soldering, aluminium, cast welding and tungsten hardfacing – but not copper welding. If you call 01403 783634 or email we will be happy to offer advice.

Do you weld stainless steel at Blaker?
Yes we do.

What are the main types of welding Blaker can offer?
MIG, TIG, Arc, Gas and Oxy Acetylene welding.

How long are the plate rolls at Blaker?
The length of our plate rolls is 2m.

What is the maximum length of material you can press at Blaker?
Subject to shape, please call or e-mail

What facilities do you have to load and unload at Blaker?
Forklift and crane.

At what times do you accept deliveries or collections at Blaker?

Between 08:00 -17:00 Monday-Friday.

What are your lead times at Blaker?
Lead times vary between a matter of hours to 3 weeks depending on the task and prior scheduled work. Please call or email for details.

Does Blaker accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

How long will it take to open a credit account with Blaker and what information needs to be supplied?
Credit accounts are available for business customers. Subject to the speed of references, the process normally takes around two weeks.

What is plate rolling?
Plate rolling is a form of shaping material, achieved through bending, rolling and cutting the metal to a specified size and shape.

What is the maximum thickness of steel Blaker can cut?
We can cut up to a thickness of 25mm using our plasma cutter. The same machine will flame cut steel plate up to 150mm thick using oxyacetylene.

What is the maximum size the lathes at Blaker can accommodate?
We can accommodate material up to 6m in length and 600mm in diameter in one lathe. Three other lathes have the capability to handle 2m. This gives us the flexibility to help clients with a range of repair work.

How big is the milling machine at Blaker?
Our Butler milling machine has a 5m bed, which allows us to machine surfaces up to 5m long by 1m wide. It will also cut out keyways, taper sides and bore large holes in heavy steel plate up to circa 100mm thick.

What does fabrication entail?
Fabrication is the process of building metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling to drawing specification.


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