Case studies


Our HGV axle repair work has increased fourfold

We've been super busy with our axle repair work, which has increased fourfold over the last couple of months.

Creation of a bespoke forklift attachment

We've recently designed and fabricated a bespoke forklift attachment for a local company that specialises in injection moulds.

Emergency repair work metal fragmentiser mill

It was all hands to the pump to fix an emergency breakdown for our customer in Southern Ireland when their metal fragmentiser mill failed.

Fabricating a flywheel for a 1902 Oldsmobile

We’ve just finished fabricating a new flywheel for a 1902 Oldsmobile using the original as a pattern. We thrive on this kind of work and love to keep history alive. 

Upgrading traction trailer wheel hubs to Timken roller bearings

A recent conversion of wheel hubs on a traction trailer, plain bearings to Timken roller bearings. The original bushes were broken and pressed into the wheel hubs.

Repairs to ECS Rotor for a Recycling Centre in London

Our first task was to visually inspect the ECS rotor.
We soon realised that the drive pulley was damaged and there was evidence of the drum catching on the rotor.

Repairs to Bano shredder shaft - a big challenge!

This repair was big due to the physical size of the shredder shaft - a whopping 6.5 metres long! We remachined the bearing surfaces on both ends of the shaft and fitted new bearings.

Repairs to a vintage chassis 1896 Peugeot Type 9 Car

The Peugeot type 9 was built by Pahard et Levassor under licence from Daimler and sold to Peugeot. 

Repairs made to Dehaco & Liebherr Grabs

We’ve been super busy refurbishing scrap metal handling grabs for our metal recycling clients.

Repair and refurbishment work to Eddy Current Rotor

Due to the extent of damage to the Eddy Current rotor, this repair required significant fabrication work.

Urgent repairs to an Eddy Current rotor in the East Midlands

Our latest challenge was to repair a 1000mm wide Eddy Current as a matter of urgency.

Helping the UK transport network during COVID19

Repairing and straightening axles, to machining new parts during COVID19

Straightening and repairing a 1926 Bentley Chassis

Supporting client in the process of converting his classic 1926 Bentley tourer into a racer - a really exciting project.

Preserving our automotive heritage

Welding repairs to 1928 Bentley chassis

Smashing a tight deadline

Major repairs to Hammel fragmentiser rotor

Keeping history alive

Welding repairs to Oldland Windmill, Hassocks, West Sussex

Blaker keeps New Zealand traction engine rolling

New collar spacers plasma cut for visiting 8nhp Burrell steam engine

Repairs to vintage exhibit at Brooklands Museum

Welding repairs to 1904 Siddeley 2-seater tourer ‘Daisy’

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