Helping the UK transport network during COVID19

repairing and straightening axles during covid19 -a transport case study

From repairing and straightening axles to machining new parts, we’ve been working hard to keep the wheels turning for logistics and transport companies who are going above and beyond to distribute essential supplies at this very difficult time.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes are the recovery vehicles and drivers who keep the transport network moving with quick response and recovery times.

Machining new parts during covid19 -a transport case study

We are always happy to help transport companies with welding repairs to heavy vehicles – even if the lead time seems tight. A local vehicle recovery business recently asked us to repair their lorry as a matter of urgency. The vehicle had been used extensively since mid-March and had to be parked up until various repairs had been made.

We fabricated a new bronze bush, cleaned up the main pin and replaced the plates on the head bar. The lorry was put back into action sooner than the client had expected. It’s now back in action and helping to recover stranded vehicles.

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