Preserving our automotive heritage

The 4.5 litre Bentley is a prestigious vehicle that epitomises the ‘Best of British’.

We were delighted to help repair one of these magnificent vehicles after it had been involved in an accident. The chassis framework on the offside front needed attention as did the rivets on the first cross member.

Upon inspection, it was apparent that the front chassis rail had been bent downwards by about 40mm and pushed inwards by 50mm. This distorted and twisted the chassis between the first and second cross members. To repair this we had to carefully straighten the chassis in three places. We also welded up a couple of minor cracks we found in the frame and built up wasted areas around the rivet holes before reassembling the chassis frame.

This 1928 piece of motoring history is being put back to her old self and we’re looking forward to seeing her out on the circuit very soon.

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