Blaker creates a 3D animation for its Sandflo™ metal recycling solution

We’re really excited to release a short extract from our Sandflo™ 3D animation. A full length version is being finalised which we hope to share online with our customers very soon.

This is the first time we’ve explored 3D technology and we’re over the moon with the results. We wanted to create a video that visually demonstrates how our Sandflo™ fluidised-bed separator works. Rather than write paragraphs of text describing the features and benefits of our system, we thought it would be more engaging and informative producing a video that used images to do all the talking. The 3D technology simply transforms what we’re trying to achieve to a different level, bringing the video to life and giving it a superb depth.

The most difficult part of the production process was trying to realistically re-create the fluidised sand bubbling in the bed. Fluidised sand is aerated and behaves differently to normal sand. The space between particles is increased allowing denser materials to sink and lighter materials to remain near the surface. The sand we use is high quality Zircon sand, which is a naturally occurring mineral.

We partnered with Durty Media Ltd for this project and have been extremely impressed with their service, creativity and quality of work – their attention to detail is amazing!

To view a preview of our Sandflo™ 3D animation click here.

For further information visit our Sandflo™ product page or contact Robin at: or call: 01403 783634.