Honouring dedication and loyalty at Blaker Specialist Welding Repairs Ltd

On Thursday 19th October, Blaker Welding, based near Horsham, West Sussex, had the honour of commemorating an exceptional Long Service Award event.

This gathering was a tribute to four remarkable team members whose unwavering dedication to the company has been nothing short of inspiring.

Martin Pummell, Ian Roberts, Gary Stenning and Simon Rawlins have been the foundation of Blaker Welding’s success, with Martin’s journey commencing in 1964, closely followed by the others, serving as a remarkable testament to their incredible commitment and unwavering loyalty.

The event remained a well-kept secret until the very last moment when the entire company came together to witness a special presentation by the Company MD, Stuart Muddle. The icing on the cake, quite literally, was the delicious slice of celebratory cake shared by all.

One particularly memorable moment was when Simon Rawlins received a set of firing irons and a personalised firing shovel. These tools will serve him well as he continues to overhaul his Aveling & Porter steam roller, preparing it for the 2024 rally season.

The dedication of these remarkable team members not only exemplifies their commitment to welding and fabrication expertise but also reinforces the strong bonds within the team. A huge congratulations to them all.

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