Prized possessions

Our team gets up to all sorts in their spare time, some of which we cannot possibly divulge (there is a line that can’t be crossed!) However, we do have a few interesting stories that are safe to share!

Steam enthusiast

Simon Rawlins has steam running through his veins! His father, Tom, was a descendant of the travelling Rawlins showman family who worked a three abreast set of gallopers. Tom travelled with the well known South of England showman, Tom Smith, and drove his Foden Showman’s Engine “Wanderer”.

Simon started his career as a machine operator at Charles Muddle Ltd, which gave him a brilliant insight into all things mechanical! In his spare time Simon built a quarter scale Willys Jeep for his daughter, Emma. Putting all his accumulated engineering skills to use, Simon went one step further and built a half size Burrell Road Loco driven by a diesel engine which he takes to local steam shows.

Artistic engineer

Robin Plater’s 50th Birthday present was two years in the making. He was presented with a beautiful picture of a 1964 AC Cobra which had been drawn, quite remarkably, from a series of single pencil dots. The artist, Richard Corrigan, had asked Robin what he wanted for his Birthday and Robin simply replied “an AC Cobra please”. Two years later Richard said “Et voila”. Richard has more than just a passing interest in fast cars as he is the last living member of the late Donald Campbell’s Bluebird team. The late Donald Campbell, CBE, is the British speed record breaker, who broke eight world speed records on land and water between the 1950s and 1960s. His first attempt was made in 1949 using his father’s old boat – Bluebird K4.

Outside of work, other than admiring his AC Cobra, Robin also enjoys playing golf.


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